Last Minute Additions to Comments:
  • I started out as '' (still using), then '', then '', then
  • if using GoDaddy as Registrar, do a Google search for "Godaddy discount coupons".
  •  Passwords:  Webcogs Password Generator -  (uses deliberately miss-spelled common word plus number, for better resistance to hacking).
  • Blogger: easy to train other people to make updates (good for groups)
  • Explorer does NOT work well for editing blogs; Safari has problems also.  Use Firefox (best) or Chrome.  

Part 1 - Domain Name  (Registrar)  (Registrar)  (Registrar)  (mapped)  (forwarded rather than mapped)

Documentation Example for domain name registration

Part 2 - Web Page   (has Google map)  (edited by two different people) (simple page, allows people to find group's dance dates)  (has Google map) (note it's connected to Picasa album for photos) (photos on photos page)(note it's linked to YouTube video) (note 3 videos on same page).

Documentation Example for Blogger web page registration

.  (old page, written with obsolete Claris Home page editor)
  • (NOT a blog.  On my own domain; master copy of html is on my own hard drive, and thus always backed up.)
test of Google 'Sites' page for Susquehanna SeniorNet (clunky)

Facebook 'page' for  Haywoods On The Water.

Facebook 'page' for James V. Brown Library


Weebly example:  old BilltownDance site 

Yola example: Old BilltownWeb site

Edit Demo

Editing Procedure