11, 2012 Library & Newspaper Listing

From http://jvbrown.edu/blog/library-programs.html,  Nov 12, 2012:

Wednesday, November 14, 4pm to 6:00 to 7:30pm • Lowry Room, Welch Family Wing

Creating an easy-to-edit ‘.com’ Web Page for $13/year

The James V. Brown Library will host the this free presentation. This program is intended for any individual, group, or small business who does not have a web page; and also anyone who already has a web page, but they would like to reduce the monthly cost.
Discussion will begin with domain names; how to search-for and register a “.com” domain name from a low-cost registrar such as GoDaddy, 1+1, and NameCheap.  Then, free hosting services such as Google’s Blogger, Weebly, Yola and others will be discussed.
The actual web pages are built using Google’s Blogger service to provide free hosting, which has an easy-to-use editing system that can be used to create an attractive, clutter-free website, that can be updated from any Internet connected computer.  Prospective attendees are encouraged to view the ‘Examples’ page at BilltownWeb.org — to view about 20 examples of how these look.
If there is interest, a 2nd, ‘hands on’ workshop may be scheduled at a later date where attendees will be guided through setting up their own website.
The speaker, James Ingram, is the Webmaster for the library’s Susquehanna SeniorNet web page, as well as the creator of several other local business and organization websites.
No registration is required. This educational opportunity at the James V. Brown Library is part of the statewide literacy initiative of PA Forward, helping libraries build communities one person at a time.